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GLC ABOGADOS, With more than 15 years of experience in the practice of law, he makes the complicated easy. We manage, prepare and accompany the client throughout the entire selected process to satisfy their interests, starting with obtaining the NIE (foreigner identification number) if necessary, continuing with the processing of the visa at the Spanish Consulate or in the offices of police units in any part of the Spanish territory and its prerequisites (project of activity on its own, management of administrative authorizations, hiring of medical insurance, enrollment in an Educational Center…) and successfully ending after entering Spanish territory with the issuance of TIE (foreigner identity card) and complete regularization of the client’s situation.

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Non-resident foreigners who intend to enter Spanish territory in order to reside for more than three months but do not have the possibility of accessing a work authorization or do not wish to, may always request a non-lucrative residence visa at the Spanish Consulate. that you have sufficient economic resources to reside in our country, thus, once you enter Spain, within a month we must request the foreigner identity card that reflects the initial authorization for non-profit temporary residence.

Before that year, the work authorization would only be accepted when a need to work can be proven due to circumstances arising from the entry into Spain to guarantee the subsistence of the foreign resident. However, the foregoing does not prevent the foreigner from creating a company or making investments and receiving the benefits as an owner or investor, of course. In addition to investing in the businesses that interest you, it is also perfectly possible to study with this non-profit residence permit.

From GLC abogados We take care of all the management and processing, with the completion of applications, documents for payment of fees, preparation of writings and all those documents publicly accessible from Spain, including the fact of making an appointment with the Spanish consulate for delivery of documentation or interview, as well as contracting private health insurance if deemed appropriate, limiting the client to signing the necessary documents and authorizations that will be duly made available to them and providing us with their identification documents and original documents from the country of origin of the interested party. relationship with economic resources, criminal record, family ties… that are required.

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This authorization will have a duration of one year, which will be counted from the moment you enter Spain with the visa. This residence does not allow any official paid work. However, this non-lucrative residence could be changed for that of residence and self-employment by carrying out a business activity project that proves contracting and economic development.
There is also the possibility of accessing the work residence as an employee (a job offer from any company in Spain without any geographical or activity limitations would suffice) but only once a year has elapsed in a residence situation (requesting it two months before).

GLC foreign experts

In addition to the applicant, this residence authorization could be extended with identical characteristics (duration, benefits…) to their spouse and their economically dependent children, it simply increases the economic amount that must be accredited for the granting of residence, as will be explained below.
The foreigner who wishes to renew his non-lucrative temporary residence permit may apply for it in the province in which he resides during the sixty calendar days prior to the expiration date of the validity of his permit. Submission of the application within this period extends the validity of the previous authorization until
the resolution of the procedure.

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La autorización de residencia y trabajo por cuenta propia es una autorización que se concede a un ciudadano extranjero no residente en España para crear o llevar a cabo una actividad laboral lucrativa por cuenta propia en territorio español.


The Authorization to Stay for Studies allows the foreigner to remain in Spain in said situation to carry out the activity of studies, research, volunteering or non-work practices with respect to which it has been granted.

The situations that allow a stay in Spain for studies are the following:

  • Full-time completion or extension of studies in an authorized educational center in Spain, leading to the obtaining of a degree or certificate of studies,
  • carrying out unpaid research or training activities,
  • participation in a student mobility program, to follow a secondary and/or baccalaureate education program in an officially recognized teaching or scientific centre,
  • carrying out non-labour internships in a public or private body or entity,
  • placement as an “Au Pair” provided that the applicant is between 17 and 30 years of age at the time of application.
  • provision of a volunteer service within a program that pursues objectives of general interest.


It enables a foreigner to reside in Spain for the investment in the acquisition of real estate for a value equal to or greater than 500,000 euros.

El visado debe solicitarse en persona o a través de representante debidamente acreditado.
• La solicitud debe ser presentada con un máximo de 90 días de antelación a la fecha prevista de viaje.
• La autorización de residencia permite residir y trabajar en todo el territorio nacional.
• El plazo de vigencia del visado será:
a) 365 días, si la compra ha sido ya formalizada.
b) 6 meses si la compra aún no ha sido formalizada pero existe un precontrato con garantía de su cumplimiento por medio de arras u otro medio formalizado en escritura pública

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