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Residency in Europe with GLC Attorneys in Residential Sky Resort

Owning an apartment with Residential Sky Resort and GLC Attorneys means to have a key on top of Benidorm´s beach and also the opportunity of being an European resident and having access to a public health system and retirement benefits

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Get an European residency through an investment or a purchase of a property or several properties in Spain.

Residential Sky Resort

GLC Lawyers
GLC Lawyers

GLC Attorneys and Intempo will help you to choose a more convenient property for you to obtain the Visa Gold

Each one of the apartmentsat the Intempo Residential Sky Resort is unique We will help you to fulfil your dreams.

  • Open Concept Environment

In our apartments, the union of the kitchen with dining room and living room leading to the terrace allows for optimization of the space and creates a comfortable and easy-to-maintain environment.

  • Private Terrace Balcony

All the apartments of the Intempo Residential Sky Resort have a large private terrace balcony, with direct access from the bedroom and the living room yet permitting complete privacy.

At Intempo´s buildings we have access to 6500 m2 of common grounds and exclusive services

What floor do you want to live on?

Floor 1 to 22 :


  • from62m2 to 95m2
  • 1 y 2 rooms
  • 1 parking place
  • From 302.000€ to 343.000€

Floor 23 to 37 :


  • From 75m2 to 95m2
  • 1 y 2 rooms
  • 1 parking place
  • From 375.000€ to 528.000€

Floor 38 to 45 :


  • From 147m2 to 269m2
  • 2,3,4 rooms
  • From 1.245.000€ to 1.795.000€

Why living in Spain?

Residencia en España GLC Abogados

Public health system

All residents in Spain have access to a Public Health System. Spain also has one of the highest life expectancy.

Residencia en España GLC Abogados

For the culture

In Spain wherever you go you will experience our history as is one of Europe´s countries with more history to discover. You will be fascinated by the different regions with their cultural peculiarities.

Residency in Spain with GLC Abogados

Quality of Life

It is cheaper to live in Spain than in any other European country. You can enjoy a full life with only a few resources With access to a retirement you will live your dream life in Spain

Clima Mediterraneo GLC Abogados

The best mediterranean weather

It is colloquially known as the Mediterranean Climate. It is famous for its many hours of sunshine, mild winters and summers with very few rain.

Residencia en España GLC Abogados

Our safety system

Spain is one of the safest countries in the World We do not have gun license or permit to use them.
to own a gun In Spain it is forbidden.


Spain is Europe

You will be able to move throughout the European Union and the Shengen area as much as you want without any type of visa or permit. Old Europe at your feet.

Do not hesitate! Contact GLC Attorneys. We will study your case and help you to find the best investment for you to obtain the Spanish residency through Gold Visa Trust in the experience of a GLC Abogados as a comprehensive legal service company.

With Visa Gold you will be able to:

  • Coming to Spain without a residence visa
  • Work in Spain with the possibility of being a resident in another country.
  • Travel around Europe and Shengen countries without the need of a visa.
  • Benefits Familyreunification
  • Access to a permanent residency. After 5 years following the actual legislation
  • Access to Spanish nationality. After 6 years following the actual legislation
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