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Retiring in Spain is a good option

Our firm GLC Abogados will be responsible of obtaining your visa so you can retire in Spain.We will help you to choose the best area to live in ​​Spain according to your possibilities and will also guide you if you want to buy a home. Contact us and in less than 24 hours you will receive a response from our lawyers to obtain the Spanish visa for your retirement.

Our lawyers are specialized in offering all the facilities for retirees to come to Spain to enjoy its good climate and its health system. Do you want to obtain the Spanish retiree visa? Contact us and we will help you with the visa process.

Why Spain?

The first reason is very simple, THE PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM

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…and for these other reasons, you’re also going to want to retire in Spain

Public health system

Spain has a free public health care system for all residents of the country and is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy.

For the culture

Wherever you go, you will live history, Spain is one of the countries in Europe with more historical places to discover. You will be fascinated by the different regions with their cultural peculiarities.

Quality of Life

The cost of living is much cheaper than most European countries. You will be able to enjoy a more than incredible life with few resources. With your US pension you will live as you have always wanted in SPAIN

The best mediterranean weather

It is colloquially known as the Mediterranean Climate. It is famous for its many hours of sunshine, mild winters and summers with very few rain.

Our safety system

Spain, as a member of the EU, is one of the safest countries in the world. There is no gun license or weapon permit
. In Spain it is forbidden.

Spain is Europe

You will be able to move throughout the European Union and the Shengen area as much as you want without any type of visa or permit. Old Europe at your feet.

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What do I have to do ?

Do not hesitate! Contact GLC Abogados, we will analyze your case and find a solution to your needs so that you can retire in Spain. Trust in the experience of GLC Abogados and rely on a leading company in legal services.

Our Lawyers will help you

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