From €60,000 is possible to buy a home  where you can register and live, something essential to obtain the RESIDENCY CARD in Spain for yourself and later on for your family.

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The «All inclusive» PACK is designed to facilitate the entire process, which begins in the country of origin and ends in Spain. Our team of professionals will accompany you at all times during the process and will help you with any request you may have.

Some examples of PACKS

Apartment + Residency Card + ALL BILLS

The price of the PACK includes:

1. Processing the residency card in Spain

2. The purchase of the Apartment

3. Taxes on the purchase procedure

4. Annual medical insurance without copayment, that means everything is included (max. age 70 years)

5. Repatriation insurance.

6. Annual home insurance.

7. Damage insurance and annual comprehensive legal protection.

8. Medical certificate (mandatory requested for immigration purposes)

9. Notary fees and expenses.

10. Expenses and fees for property registration.

11. Immigration fees

12. Consulate fees: residency and visa application.

13. Our company will provide you a lawyer that will work with your case throught all the whole process.

14. A member of our company will acompany you to complete any process at the spanish consulate in your country of origin.

15. Expenses for verification of domain charges.

16. Booking day an fees to complete procedures at the police departamente

17. Registration in the location of purchase.

18. Accompaniment and registration at the health center (Ministry of Health).

19. Preparation of the residency file.

20. Local property and interested party records.

21. Expenses and fees for preparing purchase and sale contracts.

22. Expenses for property registration at local authorities: town hall.

23. Property reservation contract.

24. Property reservation deposit.

25. Opening a bank account in Spain.

26. Registration in the Public Service. Ministries.

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